God Of Props Red Hood Rebirth Helmet Review

Comic cons are a great way to meet like-minded people and cosplaying helps to express your love of a particular character. Some people make their costumes from scratch, while others buy their supplies. If you’re like me and can’t sow or modify clothes to save your own life, then buying is a good alternative. There’s lots of designers who specialise in creating cosplay gear. One of the best is US based God Of Props, who creates cosplay masks and helmets. I bought a Red Hood helmet and here is my review.

I ordered the helmet on November 1st and it arrived on November 10th. That’s pretty good, considering I’m living in the United Kingdom. The helmet is based on the most recent Red Hood And The Outlaws series. As soon as I took it out of the packaging I knew I’d got my money’s worth because it felt light and solid.


The helmet is very detailed, with squinting eyes and a ‘furrowed brow’ expression that makes it look intimidating. The lines that run through it carry on to the back and add some extra detail. It’s exactly what you want for a Red Hood costume.

The inside of the helmet has small sponges attached, making it comfortable to wear. I didn’t have any difficulty putting it on or taking it off. I think the most important part about wearing a mask or helmet is being able to see. Luckily, the Red Hood Rebirth helmet has an excellent level of vision. The eye holes are large enough that you can see everything in front of you.


The price of the helmet was $176.25, which worked out to around £150. As I’m a big Red Hood fan, it was definitely worth the money. God Of Props is a talented designer and he sells various Jason Todd helmets. For more information on this particular helmet, you can check it out here.

Also be sure to check out the online store and look at God Of Props’ Instagram as well.


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