Mutants, Energy Vampirism And Emplate

Of all the monsters in folklore, vampires are arguably the most popular when it comes to featuring in stories. Readers and writers have constantly been drawn to their dark magnetism and the image of the vampire is well formed. Comics are no different, but there are characters who break the mould, such as Emplate. An enemy of the X-Men, Marius St Croix is an energy vampire that feeds on mutants.

Emplate was born into a rich family, along with his sisters Monet, Nicole and Claudette. When his powers manifested, he gained a deep hunger and killed their mother. His family were disgusted and he used dark magic to escape into another dimension. He eventually turned Monet into a mute creature called Penance and took her with him into his dimension so he could feed off her.


In the other dimension, Emplate was tortured by powerful entities and it forced him to wear a respirator. By feeding on his sister he could sate his hunger and take away his pain. He also needed to venture to the normal plane of reality to hunt for other mutants. This led him into direct confrontation with Generation X, a team made up of Jubilee, Chamber, Husk and others. He tried to feed on Chamber, but Generation X stopped him.

Emplate returned to attack the X-Men many times, such as when he abducted Bling from the island of Utopia and took her back to his dimension. Emplate sustains himself by feeding on bone marrow and absorbing the essence of his victims. He does this through ‘feeder’ mouths on his hands. By siphoning energy, he takes on the attributes of his victims and acquires their powers. For example, he’s absorbed Penance’s diamond hard skin, which makes him highly durable.


This sets him apart from traditional vampires because he doesn’t need blood to survive. But he can turn his victims into energy vampires like himself. Once he’s drained someone’s energy, he can exert psychic control over them. Emplate can also track mutant powers psionically, making him an excellent hunter.

Emplate is one of the X-Men’s deadliest foes and his feeding habits make him unique among vampires.

Another character who doesn’t fit the traditional image is Morbius The Living Vampire. Read about his backstory on The Comic Vault.


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7 thoughts on “Mutants, Energy Vampirism And Emplate”

  1. I never stop being amazed by the amount of knowledge you have for comic books. I have never heard of this character before. An enemy that feeds himself on bone marrow: yuck. Have to track the down the storylines for this one. Thanks for sharing this: love finding out about all these characters 😀

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