Comic Cover Corner: Red Hood: The Lost Days #1

Comic Cover Corner is a segment that looks at a specific comic cover and examines why it’s so memorable. Today, I’m focusing on the cover of Red Hood: The Lost Days #1, drawn by William Tucci. The comic itself tells the story of how Jason Todd came back to life and started his journey to becoming the Red Hood. There’s a lot to love about this cover, from the colours to the raw emotion displayed by the character.

The first thing that grips you is the angry expression on Jason’s face. There’s subtle red lines around his eyes, highlighting his inner rage. The redness around his eyes is shaped like a Robin mask, harkening back to his time as the second Boy Wonder. There’s an unhinged look about him, which represents Jason’s experience in the Lazarus Pit and how it restored his memory at a price. His face has a pale quality, which also represents his brush with death. His black jacket is detailed and contrasts well with his red helmet. The red motif crops up several times on the cover and it makes it all the more powerful.

Tucci’s rendering of the motorbike is brilliant. The lights are portrayed as blindingly bright to cut through the rain. A similar theme can be seen with the iconic bat symbol that takes up the background. Not only does the symbol emphasis Jason’s connection to Batman, it suggests there is unfinished business between them. The rain is also used to great effect and it looks as if the symbol is made out of water.

The smaller details are worth noticing, like the rain splashing against Jason’s hands. The washed out scenery gives the cover a moody vibe. Tucci has drawn a vivid image of a young man who’s angry at the world and won’t stop until he’s claimed his vengeance.

For an insight into Red Hood’s history, be sure to read my analysis of him.

Do you have a favourite comic cover you’d like to see reviewed? Leave a comment below and I’ll feature it in the next Comic Cover Corner!


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