Weavers Review: A Web Of Deceit And Corruption

What happens when you cross supernatural spiders with a violent gang? You get Weavers, a graphic novel by Simon Spurrier and Dylan Burnett. After a gang-related attack, a young man called Sid Thyme finds himself strong armed into the Weavers, where his loyalty will be put to the test. Forget about great power coming with great responsibility. With great power comes loyalty to the family.

The story starts off with Sid being introduced to the head of the Weavers gang, Don Harvest. Sid has been forced into the Weavers after Harvest’s sister was killed in a gang explosion. The supernatural spider inside her picked Sid and bound him to ‘the web’ that joins the Weavers together. Each gang member is given a power by their spider. But the longer it’s inside them, the harder it is for them to keep secrets and hold onto their old memories.


Sid is tasked with finding out who set up the bomb and made to work with Harvest’s daughter, Frankie. Her spider allows her to plant suggestions in someone’s mind, while Sid can create destructive webs. Sid is quickly asked to prove his loyalty by killing a federal agent. After doing as he’s told, Sid gets sucked into an increasingly violent conspiracy.

Harvest sends his mistress, Pneema to try and seduce Sid to test his loyalty again. Sid prevents her from killing herself and she helps him find a lead that suggests the bomb was an inside job. Along the way, Sid is forced to confront his old life as a junkie who was in the wrong place at the wrong time when the explosion happened.

Sid looks into a member of the gang called Silence, who used to be one of the Weaver’s worst enemies. I found that one of the most intriguing parts of the story. Rather than kill their rivals, the Weavers assimilate them and strengthen ‘the web.’ Sid investigates where Silence was on the day of the bomb and finds out he was driven by his old friend, Nugs.


Soon, Sid finds out that the conspiracy leads back to Harvest himself. He deliberately set off the bomb his sister was carrying because Pneema was cheating on him with her. Sid defeats Harvest and the other Weavers with Frankie’s help. Frankie admits that she was the one who staged the coupe and she planted suggestions in her family’s minds so they would wipe each other out. She plans to rebuild the gang from the ground up.

Sid works out Frankie manipulated his introduction into the gang and that she planted false memories in his head. But her power inadvertently burned out the spider in his mind and he’s able to walk away.

Spurrier’s characters are well-written, with Sid being a sympathetic protagonist. You feel his struggle to stay true to himself while falling deeper into his life as a Weaver. Frankie is presented as shrewd, calculating and pragmatic. The world is vivid and the pacing is impressive. My only criticism is the curse words being cut out by random letters. I can appreciate that Weavers is a graphic novel for all ages, but it feels more like a mature, adult story. The dialogue should’ve reflected it more.

Burnett’s art is smoky and colourful, showcasing a dark cityscape. When a character is drawn with eight red eyes, you know something brutal is going to happen.

Weavers is a brilliant graphic novel that feels like The Sopranos crossed with Spider-Man. You can buy it now on Amazon.


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