The Pop Culture Playlist: Daenerys Targaryen

The Pop Culture Playlist focuses on the life of a hero or villain and puts their journey into music. Daenerys Targaryen can be considered one of the heroes in the A Song of Ice And Fire series, while to others she may appear to be the villain. Whatever your opinion of Dany is, she’s a strong, determined woman who’s hell-bent on claiming the Iron Throne. Here are ten tracks that describe how Dany transformed from a meek girl into the fiery Mother of Dragons.

Wild Horses by Bishop Briggs

You hold me down in the best way
No quarter from these chains that I’ve
Slapped on my heart for a feeling
Why can’t I let my demons lie?
Keep screaming into the pillow
‘Cause your taste still gets me stupid high
Oh glory, I’m a believer
Oh glory, I’m a trier
Wild horses, wild horses
Wild horses run faster, run faster, run faster!
Wild horses run faster, run faster, run faster!
You call my truth in the worst way
Through the dirty lands of a broken smile
And I swear I’m not a pretender
Sometimes it’s love who’s the biggest liar

Daenerys started out as a scared girl who was dominated by her brother Viserys. It wasn’t until she became a Khaleesi and married Khal Drogo that she learned to become independent and make her own choices. Wild Horses is a fast-paced song that fits with the horse culture of the Dothraki and describes Dany’s relationship with Viserys.

Raise Hell by Dorothy

Gotta raise a little hell
Young blood, run like a river
Young blood, never get chained
Young blood, heaven need a sinner
You can’t raise hell with a saint
Young blood, came to start a riot
Don’t care what your old man say
Young blood, heaven hate a sinner
But we gonna raise hell anyway

Raise Hell is a great song for describing how Daenerys learned to assert herself as a Khaleesi. There’s a youthful rebellion to the song that matches with her desire to reclaim her birth right.


Draconian Love by Avantasia

You shed draconian love
You shed draconian
You shed draconian love
You shed draconian
Welcome to your way
Seemingly endless as you take your wings
The world through kaleidoscope eyes
Until you unlearn what you keep inside
Those innocent eyes
Refracting the light for an innocent soul
Till the cold around’s not gonna wait its turn
Wait its turn no more

When her dragons hatched, Daenerys became a mother to Drogon, Rhaegal and Viserion. Draconian Love can be used to describe how much she loves her children. There’s also a tragic element to the song because the birth of the dragons coincided with the loss of her innocence and how she was forced to become strong at a young age.

Brides Of Fire by Fozzy

Fire rains down on the world
It torches our dreams yet unfurled
The flames rising high burning bright
They’re singing the edge of the night
Brides Of Fire
A passing
From here to the void
A trashing
Till all is destroyed
A longing
For all that is dire
A wronging
Unleashed brides of fire

Daenerys isn’t someone to be taken lightly and Brides Of Fire is a great reminder of how terrifying she can be to her enemies. The Breaker of Chains has a vengeful side and she won’t hesitate to burn down anyone that stands in her way.

Empire by Alpines

I’m building an empire
I’m building it with all I know
I’m building an empire
Starting from scratch it began with stones
I’m building an empire
I’m building with my body and soul
I’m building an empire
So little time and so much to do

A queen’s life is never easy and Daenerys is determined to build a better world for her people. Empire tells a story of wanting to create something out of nothing. It also works for describing how far Daenerys has come.


Madness by Ruelle

I’ve seen that look in your eyes
It makes me go blind
Cut me deep, these secrets and lies
Storm in the quiet
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Ooh, ooh, ooh
Feel the fury closing in
All resistance wearing thin
Nowhere to run from all of this havoc
Nowhere to hide from all of this madness, madness, madness
Madness, madness, madness

Madness runs in the Targaryen family and this song describes Dany’s struggle with the kind of queen she wants to be. She has good intentions, but her father and brother were prone to madness and there’s always the risk of her slipping.

World On Fire by Les Friction

I’ll return from darkness and will save your precious skin
I will end your suffering and let the healing light come in
Sent by forces beyond salvation
There can be not one sensation
World on fire with a smoking sun
Stops everything and everyone
Brace yourself for all will pay
Help is on the way

Dany’s compassion is one of her greatest strengths and World on Fire embodies that trait. She’s rescued people from enslavement and shown mercy when it was needed.

I See Fire by Ed Sheeran

If this is to end in fire
Then we should all burn together
Watch the flames climb high into the night
Calling out father oh
Stand by and we will
Watch the flames burn auburn on
The mountain side

I See Fire can be used for Dany’s relationship with the people she trusts like Tyrion and Ser Jorah. She knows she can’t do everything alone, which is why she looks to them to council her on doing what’s right for Westeros.


Queens Will Play by Black Mountain

Blood crawls across the cancer
Blood sprawls across the shore
Blood crawls up and hassles
Blood sprawls across the walls
We’ve all seen tomorrow
And there’s truth to what they say
Demons may be hiding in our shadows
We’ve all seen tomorrow
And there’s truth to what they say
Demons may be hiding in our shadows
Let your time shine
Queens will play

This song is perfect for describing the duality of Daenerys’ character. She wants to provide a better world for her people and rule peacefully. Yet she’s used her dragons to cause destruction to further her cause.

Kings by Tribe Society

I’ve been through the darkest of caves and suffered
One hundred steps off the end of the road
Paint it with passion my favorite colour
Hope I’m alive when this story gets old
We could be free
We could be free
We could be free
I ain’t at home
Home’s where I’m going
I close my eyes to see
I’ll take my throne, lay it on a mountain
And make myself a king

Kings sums up Daenerys’ journey as a fight to reclaim her family’s throne. She’s risen to lead armies, command dragons and return to Westeros.

Do you have any songs that describe Daenerys?


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