Fictional Places Mapped: The Homes Of Heroes

A hero is often shaped by their surroundings, whether it’s Batman fighting crime in Gotham City, or Superman flying over Metropolis. Many fictional places are iconic, so it’s no surprise that they’ve been based on real life locations. Wouldn’t it be interesting to know where these places could exist in the real world? Vibrant Doors have come up with The Homes of Heroes map that charts the real life locations of places like Gotham City. Here are some of the places that the map covers.

central city

Central City

Central City is the home of The Flash, which is divided into Upper, Lower East, West and downtown areas. It’s also the home of the Flash Museum, which is dedicated to the exploits of the speedy hero. There’s only been a vague mention of Central City’s location and in the 1970s it was stated as being in Ohio. However, more recently it was placed somewhere close to the Kansas border.


Gotham City

Gotham City is defined by its darkness, making it an ideal environment for Batman. The city has constantly been referred to as being alive, testing everyone who lives within it. Gotham was inspired by New York City. In the real world, Gotham would be found in New Jersey. Also, Gotham used to be a popular 19th century nickname for New York, though the name is said to come from a village in Nottinghamshire.



Depicted as the opposite of Gotham City, Metropolis is wealthier and less corrupt. Joe Shuster, the co-creator and original artist of Superman modelled the Metropolis skyline after Toronto. Metropolis is located across the harbour from Gotham, which would count as the Delaware Bay in real life.



Home to Rick Grimes and his family, Alexandria was meant to be a safe-zone, but it didn’t stop zombies from overrunning it. In real life, you can visit Alexandria by checking out the small town of Senoia in Georgia.

The Homes of Heroes map is a fun resource that allows you to see where your favourite characters would be based in the real world. See it in full by clicking here.


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