Musician Chris Cape Unveils New Song Inspired By Valerian Comic Series

Are you lost and trying to find home?
No matter the cost
You’ll brave the unknown

Comics can touch people in various ways, such as making someone connect with a certain character. Others are inspired to make music, and that’s the case with musician Chris Cape. Cape contacted The Comic Vault about his latest song, ‘Valerian’, which is partly based on the Valerian and Laureline comic series and film. His goal is to reach the creators of the series and movie and make them aware of the song. I was happy to give it a listen and enjoyed what I heard.

‘Valerian’ begins with an energetic, sci-fi beat that made me picture someone travelling through space. The energy builds throughout the song, with Cape’s voice blending well with the beat. The bridge is one of the best parts, hooking in the listener immediately. There’s a rapid-fire confidence to Cape’s voice during each verse. When the chorus hits, he brings a smoothness that keeps the song flowing.

‘Valerian’s’ lyrics are relatable because they describe someone going through a difficult journey. The song is about finding somewhere to belong and reminding yourself that you’ll get where you need to be. It fits with Valerian and Laureline’s epic journey through the city of a thousand planets.

Describing the song, Cape said that it’s “about heroes, about needing heroes and about becoming heroes. No matter where in the world we are we see injustice and corruption. While these evils may be a part of our human nature, so are our virtues. I think most hero-themed stories, comics, movies etc endeavour to touch on this internal struggle.”

Cape doesn’t read comics but he can appreciate the power and hope they give to readers. “As someone on the outside looking in, I see the comic book reading world as one of passion and one fighting the ever growing feeling of apathy around us.”

‘Valerian’ is a song that wants to make you rise above adversity and you can listen to it below.

Be sure to check out Cape’s website and YouTube channel for his other songs. The more exposure he gets the more chance he’ll have of connecting with the makers of Valerian.


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