Comic Cover Corner: Batman: The Red Death #1

Comic Cover Corner features comic covers that stand out for the story they tell, or because they are gorgeous pieces of art. A big DC event on the horizon is Dark Nights: Metal, which involves seven evil versions of Batman from the multiverse coming to terrorise the main DC universe.

Each Batman is a twisted version of a Justice League member and DC have unveiled the cover for Batman: The Red Death #1. Drawn by Jason Fabok and coloured by Dean White, the cover is one of the best to come out in recent memory. Here’s what makes it worth appreciating.

The cover features a Batman that’s based on The Flash. He’s speeding forward and it looks as if he’s about to jump off the page and attack the reader. The Batman’s face is covered, revealing no emotion. This gives him a cold, ruthless appearance that suggests he doesn’t have any of the original Batman’s empathy for human life. Flash Batman looks like he’s on a mission to destroy.

Flash Batman is surrounded by a mountain of skulls, with a larger one lighting up in the background. All the skulls are drawn vividly, with the largest one being the creepiest of them all. Death hangs in the air and Flash Batman is enjoying every moment of it.

I can appreciate Fabok’s attention to detail, such as the way he’s drawn the skulls in the air, so it looks as if they’re being scattered by Flash Batman’s momentum. The details on the costume are also impressive, with Flash’s lightning bolt ‘ears’ tweaked to look like Batman’s. The combination of the gold Bat symbol split in half by a black lightning bolt is also interesting. It fits into the corrupted element of the evil Batmen.

White’s colouring is beautiful, from the way he uses dark red for Flash Batman’s costume, to the way he renders the red lightning sparking around the cover.

Batman: The Red Death #1 is a creepy cover that sets up Dark Nights: Metal perfectly. The evil Batmen are coming and they’re going to do some damage.


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