Red Hoods Galore And Free Comics At Manchester Comic Con 2017

Pop culture fans were out in force for this year’s Manchester Comic Con, with plenty of fun moments. This was the first comic con I cosplayed in front of a large crowd and it was one of the most enjoyable experiences of my life. From joining on a Red Hood hunt, to going to a cosplay afterparty, here were some of the highlights from Manchester Comic Con.

Held at Manchester Central, comic con was already attracting people from an early time. I arrived at 11AM and managed to avoid the crowds by buying a priority ticket. Once I was inside, I adjusted my Red Hood costume as best I could. Within a few minutes, a Joker cosplayer came over and asked me if he’d killed me before. My very eloquent in character reply went something like ‘Joker, you son of a bitch!’ That was my first picture of the day and it only got better from there.


Soon enough I ran into an Arkham Knight cosplayer who I met at Manchester Anime and Gaming con earlier this year. We got a picture next to an awesome Batman cosplayer. It wasn’t long before another Red Hood cosplayer called Ryan bumped into us and we set off on a journey to find ourselves for a big Red Hood photoshoot. In the end, there were six of us, but two dropped out before the shoot.


I decided to stick with Ryan and we checked out the indie comic publisher section. A series called WesterNoir caught my eye by a publisher called Accent UK. After explaining I ran a comic website, they were happy to give me some free comics in exchange for a review. I walked away with three volumes of Western Noir and their latest creation called Moments of Adventure. I’ll be reviewing all these graphic novels on The Comic Vault, so be sure to check back for them soon.

Afterwards, we headed over to the Fab Café, a geeky bar that was having a cosplayer party. I’d walked past the Fab Café a million times but had never gone inside. I was greeted by old gaming consoles and tables decorated with comic strips.

I eventually started talking to a couple called Charlotte and Michael who’d come as Peggy Carter and Luke Skywalker. We discussed some collaboration opportunities and if you’re a fan of classical cosplays I’d recommend following Charlotte over on Instagram.

While cosplaying throughout the day, a lot of people asked to take photos of me. It made me appreciate how fun cosplaying is. Everyone wants to have a good time and there are so many ways to get involved. Manchester Comic Con was a huge success and I’ll definitely be back next year.

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