Moments Of Adventure Collection One Review: A Historical Thriller

Compared to Marvel and DC, indie comics are underrated. The Comic Vault is on a mission to bring as many indie stories into the spotlight as possible. During Manchester Comic Con, I spoke to writers from Accent UK and they gave me some free comics to review. I’m starting with Moments of Adventure: Collection One by Colin Mathieson and drawn by Matt Soffe and Alijosa Tomic. Mathieson drew the comic strips, while Soffe and Tomic provided colouring. The graphic novel is made up of short stories with a historical setting.

The first story is called Day of the Dead Moon and focuses on the Battle of Isandlwana, which saw the British Army be defeated by the Zulu Nation. A scholar holds a conference, discussing how a lack of defences and poor command led to the defeat. A man in the trench coat claims he knows what really happened and talks about the battle in detail.

According to him, the Zulu chief called on his Sangoma witch doctor to perform a ritual. The ritual caused a solar eclipse and the dead warriors came back to life, slaughtering the British Army. The spell also resurrected some of the British soldiers until the chief had seen enough. The man reveals himself to be one of the resurrected soldiers and begs the scholar to free him from the curse. The scholar recites an Intelezi spell and the soldier dies peacefully.


The second story, called Ye Erymanthian Boar, is set in Hempstead, Essex in 1736. It follows a reformed highwayman called Harry Clees who’s been sent to arrest John Cuthbert, a corrupt judge. During the struggle, a woman Clees cares about called Polly is shot. Cuthbert falls into a freezing lake and Clees reluctantly agrees to pull him out. Clees ties Cuthbert to a tree and leaves him for a band of soldiers.

Bad Blood is the next story, which features a brother and sister who’re fighting over an inheritance. The final story, Come and Buy My Toys, features a ghost hunter called Cornelius MacBeth visiting the ghost of a little girl in Edinburgh.

My favourite story was Day of the Dead Moon, but all the stories are poignant. Mathieson has a brisk writing style that sweeps the reader along into a historical adventure. You can tell the historical periods are well-researched. It felt as if I was reading a short story collection with pictures, which is to the graphic novel’s credit.

Mathieson’s, Soffe’s and Tomic’s art style has a vividness that really shines in Day of the Dead Moon and Ye Erymanthian Boar. In other places, it came across as overly cartoony, but it didn’t mess with the flow of the story.

If you’re a fan of supernatural or historical stories, then I’d recommend reading Moments of Adventure. You can also check out Accent UK’s website for their Westernoir series, which I’ll also be reviewing in future.

You can buy Moments of Adventure: Collection One by sending Accent an email and they’ll ship the comic out to whatever country you’re living in.

If you’d like your indie comic reviewed then get in touch via the contact form or email me at

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