Blogger Interview: Annick At Only4Feet9

The blogging community is massive, and it’s a great way to network with people who’re writing in different areas. I’ve decided to introduce an interview section to The Comic Vault that features other bloggers who have an interest in popular culture. Whether you’re interested in comics or gaming, we’re all united by a love of stories and creative avenues.

Kicking off the interviews is the talented Annick over at Only4feet9. Annick has an interest in gaming and I enjoyed chatting to her about her thoughts on the gaming industry.

Thanks for agreeing to the interview Annick. For the readers it would be great to hear about what kind of blog you run and why you wanted to start blogging. 

You’re welcome! Well I actually started blogging back in 2010 so I’ve had my blog for seven years now. It started as a personal blog which became a lifestyle blog with a big focus on fashion. But I recently made the decision to start fresh with the same domain – I deleted all my old posts! Even paid posts! It was a tough decision but I felt that my old blog/writing style did not truly reflect who I am today and because of that it demotivated and hindered me from creating content that I enjoy. My current site is a lifestyle and personal blog with short, fresh daily content.

What are the themes of your blog and what do you like to write about usually?

I mainly write about places that I’ve visited, eaten at or photographed. Oh and I write snippets of my personal life/opinion.

You mentioned you’d like to move into writing about gaming. What kind of gaming do you enjoy?

I don’t play that many games but I sort of obsess over a few – GTA, Final Fantasy, The Sims, Sim City, Pokemon, Lego and Harvest Moon! I’ve tried my hand at writing about The Sims and Sim City before but because of the type of blog that I previously ran it didn’t really resonate with my audience.

What was your first gaming experience?

I’m not sure how old I was but I was very young and it was playing Street Fighter on the PlayStation! I have an older brother you see, so I was very into video games from a young age.

Would you be interested in exploring any other kind of gaming? E.g. video, cards, RPG.

I would be up to try out anything as long as they’re not scary. So nothing like Slender Man or Dead Space or Resident Evil… I’m way too jumpy!

Are there any games you’re excited about that are being released this year?

Final Fantasy XIV: Stormblood and Final Fantasy XII: The Zodiac Age! I think they were both released pretty recently and I am super excited for it but I haven’t got it yet as I’m still trying to achieve 100% on some of my other games. I am the sort of person who refuses to start a new game before completing the current one haha!

What is one of the best games you’ve played in recent memory?

Hmmmm… probably GTA V or Final Fantasy IV on PS4.

If there was any game you could play that you haven’t got around to playing yet, what would it be?

It’s got to be The Last of Us! I know how the entire game plays out but I backseat gamed the whole thing instead of actually playing it myself. Like I said, I am really jumpy and I got scared by watching my brother play but I would love to (eventually) gather some courage and play it myself.

What do you think makes games so popular today?

The graphics! The storylines! I mean it’s not so much an escape to reality but it allows you to experience some amazing things through a character. How else can you experience surviving a zombie apocalypse one day and playing God on Sims the next?

Do you have any blogging advice for people who want to get into it?

Just start writing. It could be about anything but make sure it reflects you and your personality. And at the end of it, blogging is something fun and there really isn’t a limit to how or what you can write on so definitely start blogging even if you’re just thinking about it. If you don’t enjoy it then hey, least you’ve explored and experienced it.


Annick is of Malaysian-Chinese-Japanese descent and currently lives in England. She’s fluent in English, Mandarin, Cantonese, Bahasa Melayu, Indonesian and enjoys blogging about fashion and lifestyle topics. Look out for her future gaming articles. You can check out her awesome blog by clicking here.

Are you interested in being interviewed about your love of comics or pop culture? Feel free to leave a comment down below or get in touch via the contact form.


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