5 Super Powered Animals You’d Want On Your Side In A Fight

For as long as comics have existed, animals have played an important role. Whether it’s a superpowered dog, or a talking racoon, meaningful stories can be told about them. Marvel even took it a step further by creating the Pet Avengers. There are many awesome superpowered animals in comics, and here are five you’d want to have on your side in a fight.



Zabu, the faithful companion of Ka-Zar, is the only surviving sabretooth cat in the world. Zabu was born in the Savage Land and while still a cub, his mother and siblings were killed by hunters. He taught himself how to survive alone, until he came across a boy named Kevin Plunder.

A group of Savage Land natives were about to attack Kevin, but Zabu protected him. After that, the two became inseparable. Kevin took on the name Ka-Zar, meaning ‘son of the tiger.’ Zabu has natural speed, strength and a near human intelligence due to exposure to radioactive mists.


Krypto the Superdog

Krypto is Superman’s loyal dog, helping him fight crime. Krypto first appeared in a false, idealised Krypton that was created as a trap by Brainiac 13. Superman escaped the trap and Krypto followed him back to Earth.

He has all the physical powers of an adult Kryptonian, including super strength, speed and durability. His strength is proportionate to his size and his sense of smell and hearing are even more acute than Superman’s.



Lockjaw is a member of the Inhumans and resembles a giant bulldog. Loyal to the Royal Family and Black Bolt, Lockjaw does what he can to protect his people. He possesses ‘super-canine’ strength in his jaw for a dog his size. For example, he clamped down on the Thing’s arm and the Thing couldn’t get him to let go.

Lockjaw’s main power is his ability to teleport himself and others over vast distances. His sense of smell is so keen that he can psionically trace a scent across dimensional space.



This furious feline is a member of the Red Lantern Corps. Originally a stray cat, Dex-Starr was adopted by a single woman in Brooklyn. When a burglar broke into her house, Dex-Starr scratched him, but it didn’t stop his owner from being murdered. Homeless again, Dex-Starr was grabbed by two thugs and thrown off Brooklyn Bridge.

Dex-Starr felt so much rage that it attracted a red power ring. As a member of the Red Lantern Corps, Dex-Starr killed the thugs and set off on a quest to hunt down the person who killed his owner.


Rocket Racoon

Wise cracking, loyal and sneaky, Rocket Racoon defends the universe as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy. An expert marksman, Rocket usually wields two laser pistols and also uses a lot of heavy weaponry. He’s a master tactician, able to formulate plans that have got the team out of trouble on many occasions. When Star-Lord is unavailable, he serves as the leader of the Guardians.

Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer, comic geek and cosplayer hailing from Manchester, England. Find my pop culture ramblings on The Comic Vault.

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      1. They’re trying to do things different with the cinematic release which I like, I just wish Blackbolt would show up in infinity war movie… there is one scene from the comic that I’m dying to see…


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