Beneath The Pages: Stephanie Hans

With this edition of Beneath The Pages, I wanted to focus on a comic cover artist. Sometimes, it can be easy to overlook a cover when there are so many different comics to choose from. Yet when fans are browsing, it’s the first thing they see. A cover artist who’s caught my attention is French illustrator, Stephanie Hans. She’s drawn covers for Marvel and DC. Here is what makes her so talented at what she does.

Hans entered the Ecole des Arts Decoratits de Strasbourg on an illustration course. When she graduated, she looked around for her first publisher and came across Emmanuel Proust at a children’s book convention. Together, they published a couple of graphic novels, leading to her being discovered by an art director from Hatchette. Hans drew covers for young adult books until she was able to show her work to a talent scout at Marvel.

I came across Hans while reading Storm’s solo series, but after going back to it, the covers have stood out to me a lot more. She has a classical art style that reminds me of watercolour paintings. For example, this cover of Storm is elegant and beautiful. The Weather Goddess’ hair is plastered to her face, indicating it’s raining. The way her hair is drawn reminds me of a flowing river, which adds to the watercolour effect. Electricity is sparking out of Storm’s eye, adding more emotion to her face.


Hans is a master of blending colour together to create a lasting image. Another of my favourite covers is one she’s drawn of the Asgardian assassin, Angela. The red and oranges of the cover are vivid, making Angela appear to be an extension of the fire. Her wings spread out from behind her back and stretch into the corners of the cover, matching the shape of the flames.


Hans was influenced by classical painters such as Le Caravage and John William Waterhouse and like them, I could picture her art being displayed in a museum one day. You can view more of her art on her website and Tumblr. Also be sure to follow her on Twitter.

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3 thoughts on “Beneath The Pages: Stephanie Hans”

  1. Stephanie Hans is one my all-time favourite artists. Her work is always gorgeous. She’s done some interiors, too, and they’re always a real treat. I think my favourite of her covers is probably the first she did for Marvel, for a Firestar one-shot.

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