Comic Cover Corner: Storm #5

Comic Cover Corner is dedicated to showcasing some of the most interesting comic covers in the industry. In my opinion, they are pieces of art that could be as memorable as famous paintings one day. When a female character is put on a cover, there’s a temptation to focus on her looks. That isn’t the case with the cover of Storm #5, as she comes across as an absolute badass. This is thanks to the effort of cover artist, Stephanie Hans.

Storm is standing on the bodies of several men she’s taken down. As a former queen, the image could be taken as Storm creating a makeshift throne to remind people of who she is. Her stance is powerful, giving her the appearance of a warrior who is ready to protect the people she cares about. Something else I appreciate is that her body isn’t exaggerated to show off her beauty. Hans has drawn her with a well-proportioned figure that fits with the rest of the scene.

The expression on Storm’s face is detailed, demonstrating how angry she is. Her fury can be felt in the electrical sparks glowing around her hands. Another great touch is her cape billowing around her, suggesting she’s conjured up the wind.

The background colours are beautiful, mixing black, grey and white to create a moody atmosphere. The full moon goes well with Storm’s hair, as if it’s making her shimmer with energy.

What I like most about the cover is that it’s a direct homage to the famous Wolverine #1 cover. Storm’s lightning has taken on the shape of Logan’s claws, while her cape matches his ripped shirt. This works with the context of the issue because Storm is mourning the death of Wolverine.


Storm #5 is a stunning cover that stays faithful to the power and strength of the character. Want to find out what makes her such an iconic superhero? You can read my analysis here.


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