Comic Cover Corner: Wolverine #1

Comic Cover Corner is a segment that looks at a specific cover and what makes it so eye-catching. There’s a lot of iconic covers, but one of my favourites is Wolverine #1, drawn by legendary writer/artist Frank Miller. When Miller teamed up with Chris Claremont to write the 1982 Wolverine series, it went onto be the greatest Wolverine story of all time. But the first thing readers saw was the cover, and it’s become a timeless piece of art.

The cover features Wolverine with his claws out while he’s giving a ‘come on’ gesture with his other hand. He’s got a devilish look on his face, indicating he’s ready to fight. There’s a danger and cockiness in his grin that fits with his personality. Logan isn’t someone you want to mess with and Miller understood that from the beginning. Wolverine’s gesture could be taken for breaking the 4th wall, as he’s inviting the reader to come closer and open the page. Or he could be goading an opponent to pick a fight and see what happens.

The colours and shading work well to inform the reader of the story’s location. As the story’s set in Japan, the yellow and orange background references the Land of the Rising Sun. The red and brown shading of Logan’s outfit contrasts well with the background.

The small details need to be appreciated as well, like the way Wolverine’s claws are catching the sun and sparkling. There’s also a lot of detail in the face, with Miller emphasising Logan’s bestial nature with his sharp canines.


Wolverine #1 has become such an iconic cover that it’s been recreated several times over the years. Most recently, X-23 has taken up the mantle of Wolverine and there’s an obvious homage with the cover of All-New Wolverine #1. The cover matches the intensity of the original, strengthening the collection between Logan and Laura.

Do you have a favourite comic cover? Let me know in the comments below!


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