The Comic Vault Comes To Instagram

With the continued success of The Comic Vault I’ve decided to branch out onto another channel. You can now find a Comic Vault Instagram account that’s dedicated to all things pop culture related. I think it’s another great way to interact with followers and showcase things that can’t be put into words.

On Instagram, I’ll be sharing new cosplay pictures, tattoos, books and comic art that I admire. For example, I’ve shared a beautiful book that contains all of Jules Verne’s most famous novels. The cover is red and gold and features images of hot air balloons and submarines. Another image is of the Sons of Anarchy inspired tattoo that I have on my back.

It’s personal images like those that I’ll enjoy sharing with people. As I also admire comic book cover art, it’s inspired me to come up with a future blog segment called Comic Cover Corner. It will involve me posting about a cover I appreciate and reviewing it in a similar way to a graphic novel. Be sure to check back for that soon.

You’ll be able to view the Instagram pictures by scrolling down to the corner of the blog. In the meantime, I’d certainly appreciate a follow if you’re on there as well. You can find it here.

Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer from Manchester, England. I run the pop culture website The Comic Vault and history website The Culture Tome.

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