Wonder Woman Review

Ever since the creation of the DCEU, Warner Brothers have struggled to match the standard of the Marvel franchise. With the release of Wonder Woman, it seems they’ve finally got the DCEU on track. Gal Gadot steps back into a role that was the highlight of Batman Vs Superman: Dawn of Justice. Now that she has a film to herself, Gadot puts on an incredible performance that many with remember for years to come. Here is my spoiler free review of Wonder Woman.

The film begins with a young Diana learning to fight on Themyscira. Her mother Hippolyta, played adeptly by Connie Nielsen, is reluctant to have her daughter go into battle. The relationship between the Queen and Princess of the Amazons is captured well, with Hippolyta and Diana showing their strength and vulnerability.


When American spy Steve Trevor, played by Chris Pine, crash lands on Themyscira, Diana’s world is turned upside down. This leads to a stand out scene where the Amazons defend their home from invading German soldiers. The elegant choreography shows off how badass the Amazons are.

Trevor is taken prisoner by the Amazons and forced to tell them what his purpose is. He tells them about The Great War and Diana decides she can’t sit back and watch innocent people suffer. She helps Trevor escape, on the understanding that he’ll take her to the God of War, Ares, who she believes is responsible for the slaughter.

Thrust into the world of men, Diana learns a hard truth about the nature of good and evil. She goes with Trevor to the Front to stop a new weapon that’s being developed by the Germans. In another glorious scene, Wonder Woman crosses No Man’s Land and frees a village.


Anchored by Gadot’s performance, the film balances mythology with a grounded backdrop. Gadot captures the compassion and strength of the character. It’s satisfying to see her develop from a naïve young woman to a powerhouse that still believes in saving mankind, even after everything she sees. Gadot’s emotional range is phenomenal and she makes the film her own.

Pine makes a worthy sidekick, infusing his character with an awkward charm. The chemistry between Trevor and Diana is fun to watch and never becomes overly schmaltzy. This is accomplished through humour, which is where the movie really excels. Even with all the grim themes, there’s plenty of laughter to be had.

Wonder Woman delivers a strong message of female empowerment. Warner Brothers have found their winning formula and I hope they can use it for future DCEU films.


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6 thoughts on “Wonder Woman Review”

  1. Looking forward to this immensely. All the reviews so far have been very positive, wo I can’t wait to see it. I have to wait another two weeks to see it, but it will be worth the wait 😊

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  2. Great review! They did a really good job on the movie. I greatly enjoyed it. 🙂
    You’re so right, too, Pine and Gadot had great on-screen chemistry, and I love that he wasn’t just dealt the role of a lame one-dimensional love interest or sidekick.

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