Forever Green Review

When someone reaches out to me personally to review their work, it’s a great reminder that people are paying attention to The Comic Vault. Today, I’m reviewing a webtoon called Forever Green by indie creator, Luke Welch. The sci-fi story features two space explorers who have landed on a planet in search of a scientist. Here is my honest review.

The story begins with the two main characters landing their ship after tracing the scientist’s beacon. They soon find skeleton with a transmitter in its mouth and realise that it’s the scientist. They listen to the transmitter, which has recorded the scientist’s work.

It’s revealed the scientist spliced foreign DNA with his own to prolong his life. The transmitter mentions Watchers, who the scientist learned something from and they learned from him. As the transmission ends, a sinister face appears in the tree that the skeleton is lying against. It laughs and mechanised tree hybrids crawl out of the darkness, surrounding the explorers.

I found the story to be intriguing, with the sci-fi setting drawing me in. The dialogue between the explorers is believable yet minimalistic. You get an idea of their relationship from the opening panels, without it going into too much detail. I also liked the presentation of the scientist’s voice through the transmitter. It added a growing sense of dread that made the narrative more powerful.


The art is impressive, with a close up of the skull and the explorers caught in its empty sockets being my favourite page. It works well with the creepiness of the story and has a noir style.

Forever Green reads like a short story in comic form and that’s what makes it enjoyable. I would recommend giving it a look as it’s only 8 pages. Welch has done some great work. You can read the full comic here.

Welch has a website where you can check out his art. You can also follow his YouTube channel, where he chronicles his latest work.

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