The Heroes Of Manchester

This week has been a sad time for my city, for a place I feel a deep sense of connection to. When Manchester Arena was bombed and people were killed it reminded me of how terrorism can happen anywhere in the world. Innocent children lost their lives and their families are forced to pick up the pieces. But among the sadness and the grief, there’s been hope. There’s been acts of heroism and that is what The Comic Vault is all about showcasing.

When people were desperate to get home, taxi drivers turned off their metres and gave free rides. When hospital staff were dealing with the injured, delivery men came in with pizza to lift their spirits. When dozens of terrified children were running scared, a woman called Paula Robinson shepherded them to safety. When a woman lay dying in the street, a homeless man named Chris Parker cradled her.

People donated blood to help the injured. People donated money to show they cared. They gathered in Albert Square to hold a vigil for the fallen. They were unbowed in the face of terrorism and proved that Manchester is a city that refuses to be defeated.

It’s individuals like Paula Robinson and Chris Parker who remind us of what heroism is. It’s acting without hesitation, it’s about helping your fellow human being in a crisis. It makes me proud to be a Mancunian and a comic fan because the real heroes are around us.

Manchester stands together and that will never change.


Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer and freelance copywriter from Manchester, England. I run the pop culture website The Comic Vault and animal protection website Wings And Wild Hearts.

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