Tyrant’s Throne Review

Reading the final book in a series can be like saying goodbye to a friend who’s moving on to pasture’s new. As much as you’ll miss them, you know they have to go. That’s what it felt like when reading Tyrant’s Throne, the last book in The Greatcoats quartet. Written by Sebastien De Castell, the book follows Falcio Val Mond’s struggle to fulfil his dead king’s dream of bringing justice to Tristia. Falcio is more determined than ever to put Aline, the daughter of King Paelis on the throne, but he faces his greatest challenge yet. Here is my spoiler free review.

The story picks up from the aftermath of Saint’s Blood, with Tristia on the verge of collapse. When Falcio hears his old enemy Trin is trying to raise an army in the neighbouring country of Avares, he sets out with Kest and Brasti to stop her. Things quickly go wrong and Falcio is forced to make the hardest decision of his life by choosing to uphold the law or keep his promise to Paelis and Aline.

The best part of the series is the relationship between Falcio, Kest and Brasti, and all three of them have a chance to shine. There’s plenty of swashbuckling, witty comments and heroic acts. There’s also a lot of heartbreak, with the death of one character being extremely emotional. De Castell is a master of balancing humour and sadness to create a compelling story.

The reader feels the weight of Falcio’s pain, both physical and mental. It almost turns him into the thing he’s fighting against. De Castell doesn’t shy away from addressing his protagonist’s flaws. But Falcio’s idealism and desire to save the day never falters and he receives a lot of character development.

The new enemy in the book is formidable, serving as a warped reflection of Falcio’s principles. The best antagonists believe their cause is just, and it’s hard to argue with some of the points that are made.

De Castell has a talent for writing fight scenes. They are described beautifully, with every rapier thrust and sword slash captured in detail.

Tyrant’s Throne focuses on the connection between the law and justice. Can one exist without the other? Are you willing to break the law to protect the people you love? By the end of the book, Falcio has found the answer to those questions.

Tyrant’s Throne is the perfect send off for Falcio and the Greatcoats, offering a glimpse of what it means to be human.

You can buy the book on Amazon.


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