Top 75 Comic Blogs Award

It was recently brought to my attention that The Comic Vault has made it into the Top 75 Comic Blogs on the web. According to Feedspot, the site measures metrics and the amount of engagement across the web. As a result, I’ve received an award badge. This gives me a sense of accomplishment that I was meant to write within the comic industry. I’m always grateful to the people who read my posts on a regular basis.

Other factors that were taken into consideration are:

• Popularity and influence on social media sites
• Quality of blog posts
• How often the blog is posted to
• A review by Feedspot’s editorial team

The list of top comic blog features other great websites like Marvel, DC, CBR and ComicsVerse. It’s great to be considered in the same circle. Feedspot is a useful website for discovering all the best blogs without having to search for hours on end. The Comic Vault is currently ranked as 58.

All the blogs on the list are dedicated to bringing you the latest comic news. They are united by their love of the industry and you should check the list out when you have the time.

Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer, comic geek and cosplayer hailing from Manchester, England. Find my pop culture ramblings on The Comic Vault.

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