The Pop Culture Playlist: Deadpool

This edition of The Pop Culture Playlist is focused on Deadpool. The Merc With A Mouth is known for his insanity, breaking the fourth wall and causing as much chaos as possible. I wanted to put together a playlist that worked with the history of the character, as well as acknowledge what Ryan Reynolds has done on the silver screen.

Bodies by Drowning Pool

Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Let the bodies hit the floor
Beaten why for (why for)
Can’t take much more
(Here we go, here we go, here we go)

As soon as Deadpool shows up, you know someone is getting killed. Bodies is an ideal song to describe a fight that involves The Merc With A Mouth. He won’t stop until there’s bodies on the floor and he can squeeze in a few jokes.


Shut Me Up by Mindless Self Indulgence

The mic
The treble
I like my coffee black
Just like my metal
I can’t wait for you to fuck me up
In a minute – minute
In a fuckin’ minute
I can’t wait for you to fuck me up
In a minute – minute
In a second
I can’t wait for you to shut me up
And make me hip like badass
I can’t wait for you to shut me up
Shut it up

This song has a goading quality to it that fits with Deadpool’s recklessness. He never stops talking even in the middle of a fight. Shut Me Up has a fast-paced rhythm that could be played while Wade is slicing into some goons with his katanas.

The Real Slim Shady by Eminem

So I’ve been sent here to destroy you
And there’s a million of us just like me
Who cuss like me, who just don’t give a fuck like me, who dress like me
Walk, talk and act like me, it just might be the next best thing,
But not quite me

The Real Slim Shady has the kind of crazy lyrics that fit with Deadpool’s personality. His attitude is unpredictable and he would make the statement that there is no one else quite like him. The song also fits with the comedic side of the character.


I Don’t Care by Fall Out Boy

Erase myself and let go
Start it over again in Mexico
These friends, they don’t love you
They just love the hotel suites, now
I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me
The best of us can find happiness in misery
I don’t care what you think as long as it’s about me
The best of us can find happiness in misery

There’s a tragic quality to the song that fits in with Deadpool’s backstory. His cancer would have killed him but he managed to find a way to turn it into an advantage. His healing factor keeps him alive, but his insanity has alienated everyone around him.

Everywhere I Go By Hollywood Undead

I’m Undead, unfed
Been sleeping on bunk beds since ten
So if I don’t booze it, I’m gonna lose it
Everybody get to it, do it, get ruined!
Let’s get this party started
Let’s keep them 40s popping
So just get buzzed and stay fucked up
We’ll keep them panties dropping

Everywhere I Go could be used to describe a night out for Deadpool. He’s crude, violent and wants to get fucked up at every opportunity.

So What by Three Days Grace

So what if I’m crazier than crazy?
So what if I’m sicker than sick?
So what if I’m out of control?
Maybe that’s what I like about it
You can say that I’m going insane
And I’m not quite right
And that I’m to blame
You can say that I’m sick on the inside
Bet you don’t know I like it that way
You can say whatever you like
If it’s so wrong I don’t wanna be right!

So What is a representation of Wade’s insanity. Despite him cracking jokes and being playful, Deadpool is responsible for murdering a lot of people. It’s a reminder that he isn’t a hero and can be very disturbed.

Perfect Insanity by Disturbed

Come inside and be afraid
Of this impressive mess I’ve made
If you take a look now you will find
I have thrown away my vice
Done away with paradise
See what’s going on inside my mind
Please let me out
Please let me out
Please let me

When I hear this song I imagine Deadpool daring someone to look inside his mind and see what they find. God help any telepath who tries that!


Had Enough by Breaking Benjamin

You had to have it all
Well, have you had enough?
You greedy little bastard, you will get what you deserve
When all is said and done
I will be the one
To leave you in the misery and hate what you’ve become

Had Enough features haunting guitar riffs and chords. It represents the vengeful side of Deadpool’s personality. He’s been known to hold grudges or help those who have a bone to pick with someone.

More Human Than Human by White Zombie

I am the jigsaw man
I turn the world around with a skeleton hand
Say I am electric head a cannibal core a television said yeah
Do not victimize read the motherfuckin’ psychoholic lies
Into a psychic war I tear my soul apart
And I eat it some more
More human than human

The lyrics of More Human Than Human contain a lot of metaphors. It makes me think of Wade breaking the fourth wall and speaking directly to the reader or listener.

X Gon Give It To Ya by DMX

X gon give it to ya
Fuck wait for you to get it on your own
X gon deliver to ya
Knock knock, open up the door, it’s real
Wit the non-stop, pop pop and stainless steel
Go hard gettin busy wit it
But I got such a good heart
I’ll make a motherfucker wonder if he did it

X Gon Give It To Ya is a nod to the Deadpool film, which proved that R rated superhero films have a place in the genre.

What songs do you think describe Deadpool best? If you’d like to see your favourite hero or villain appear on The Pop Culture playlist then comment below!


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  1. Nice! Yay, Deadpool. 🙂 My faves to make the list were the songs by MSI and DMX. Perfect choices. I always think of Deadpool (because of the movie) when I hear Salt N Pepa’s “Shoop” now too. 😛

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