Living And Dying By The Sword With Kest

The final book in The Greatcoat series, Tyrant’s Throne, is out soon, and I’ve been putting the main characters in the spotlight. Falcio Val Mond is the leader and strategist, Brasti is the glue that keeps them together and Kest is the born fighter. Kest Murrowson is the most practical member of the trio and at the start of the books he was the greatest swordsman in the world.

Kest is Falcio’s best friend, as they’ve known each other since they were children. They trained together under Kest’s father. Falcio states that Kest was never interested in being a swordsman until the age of twelve and even as a boy, Falcio knew Kest would become the greatest of all time.

“By the end of the morning, he could beat me every time. By the end of that evening, he had beaten his father, and by the time Kest’s thirteenth birthday passed, there was no one on this earth who could best him with a sword.” – Traitor’s Blade

Kest is defined by his love of fighting and proving himself. He shows little interest in anything beyond learning how to become a better fighter. He’s also defined by his fierce loyalty to Falcio and was willing to die for him.

Early in the series, his goal was to defeat the Saint of Swords, the transcendent expression of an ideal. When Kest came face to face with the Saint of Swords he was able to defeat him and became the new Saint.

However, this proved to be more of a curse than a blessing, as Kest was compelled to seek out the strongest fighters and kill them. This meant fighting Falcio and the two of them almost killed each other. Ultimately, Kest gives up his Sainthood by allowing Falcio to cut off his sword hand.

Kest experiences a loss of identity during the third book, Saint’s Blood. After sacrificing himself to save Falcio, he wants to be left in peace even after Falcio travels to the Land of the Dead to bring him back.

“The tears were still streaming down his cheeks. “Is that so wrong? I’ve practiced every day of my life, read every book, trained with every living master. I’ve studied everything from fencing to dancing to research every possible way of moving, or perfecting my skill with the blade, all so I could become someone who mattered.” – Saint’s Blood

Despite this loss, Kest returns to life and is able to find purpose again. A shield is mounted onto his stump and he vows to become a great warrior again.

Beyond his fighting ability, Kest is shown to enjoy mathematics and calculating the odds of a fight. Although he rarely makes jokes he has a good sense of comedic timing.

Kest is a complex character that makes up the third part of the Greatcoats. His loyalty to his friends is something to be admired.

You can preorder Tyrant’s Throne from Amazon.


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6 thoughts on “Living And Dying By The Sword With Kest”

  1. And one of my all time favourite characters, I had admire and greatly idolise Kest stoicism, ever present practicality, his pure badassery and hyper almost savant-ist mind. Kylar Stern, Kest Murrowson, Mat Cauthrim, Il Tornja (The Csestriim), Gavin Guile – my list of favourite uber violent fantasy badasses


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