Looking Beneath The Arrogance Of Brasti Goodbow

With Sebastien De Castell’s Tyrant’s Throne coming out on the 20th April, I’m doing character spotlights on the three Greatcoats. Today, I’m focusing on Brasti, the most irreverent of the trio. Brasti is my second favourite character in the series and his quips make up some of the funniest moments in the books. But underneath his sarcasm and arrogance, there’s more to him than meets the eye.

Brasti Goodbow is a former poacher who joined the Greatcoats not long after Falcio and Paelis reformed them. At first glance, his cockiness is the most noticeable thing about him. He fancies himself a lady’s man and is never shy about voicing his opinion. Brasti is fond of turning things into a joke, much to the chagrin of his friends. A perfect example of this is when he flips a coffin over Falcio’s unconscious body to remind him that he’s still alive.

“This was always Brasti’s idea of how to best deal with trauma: turn it into a joke. I had nearly died, so why not stick a coffin over me to remind me that I was alive? Kest had lost his Sainthood along with his hand, so why not make fun of him to show it’s not the end of the world?” – Saint’s Blood

Brasti is an extraordinary archer who believes the bow is superior to any other weapon. Impressive feats include firing an arrow from a hilltop all the way into a city to provide Falcio with a distraction, and breaking the charge of hundreds of Knights with only a handful of archers.

But for all his arrogance, Brasti has a good heart and loves the common folk. He was deeply affected by the ransacking and burning of a village by rogue Knights. He can also be defined by his hatred for Knights and formed a group of archers called ‘Brasti’s Bastards’ to kill every Knight they came across.

Brasti also struggles with his need for recognition compared to the feats of Falcio and Kest.

“Brasti jumped down from the rampart and held out an accusatory finger. “You are not going to become a God before I’ve even made Saint! I’m sick of doing all the real work while the two of you become legends! Did anyone happen to notice that it was me who killed off a thousand charging Knights? Saint Zanghev-who-sings-for-tears! There is no fucking justice in this world.” – Knight’s Shadow

Brasti’s roguishness makes him a great counterpoint to Kest’s stoicism and Falcio’s idealism. He’s the kind of person who’ll tell it how it is and smirk while he does it.


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