Beneath The Pages: Dexter Soy

Beneath The Pages is a segment that shines a light on the comic industry and the people who make it what it is today. There are many big names out there, from Stan Lee, to Chris Claremont. But there are also those who are still establishing themselves or gaining a steady following. Today, the focus will be on artist Dexter Soy, who’s doing impressive work on the Red Hood And The Outlaws Rebirth series.

Soy has drawn for Marvel and DC. I was first introduced to Soy’s work through reading the Arkham Knight: Genesis series for the Batman: Arkham Knight video game. The series is about how Jason Todd became the Arkham Knight within the context of the game universe. From the moment I read the first page, I was blown away by how detailed Soy’s art was. There’s a brooding, shadowy approach to his art that really fits with the Batman mythos.

Facial expressions are crucial to understanding what’s going on in a comic. Take away the dialogue and you’re left to study body language and make your own assumptions. In this sequence, Jason Todd has entered the Bat Cave and is staring at his Robin costume. It’s easy to see he’s shocked when he discovers the picture of himself and Batman. Then, his shock turns to anger as he prepares to smash the glass.


This is a great example of Soy’s attention to detail. So, it’s no surprise that he was called on to create the art for Red Hood And The Outlaws. His ability to capture the emotion of the characters is impressive. His landscapes are beautifully rendered, whether it’s a dark cityscape, or shadowy bunker.


Another thing I appreciate is his attention to clothing and the environment. In one panel, Red Hood walks into his base and his jacket is blown up in the wind. Small details like that are the mark of someone who appreciates his craft. Soy is a very talented artist and you can check out his style on his Deviant Art page and follow him on Twitter.


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