Manchester & Anime Gaming Con 2017

Today, I attended the Manchester Anime & Gaming Con, held at the Sugden Sports Centre in Manchester. What made this con special was the fact I cosplayed for the first time. My character of choice was Red Hood. Dressing up in public made me feel a little nervous to begin with. But once I got through the doors it was another story. Here is what I got up to at the Manchester Anime & Gaming Con.

red hood2

The event was split into three halls, with each holding separate events. Hall A featured the main cosplay stage that was used for talks and demonstrations. There was also classic pinball machines and a board game and RPG tournament area. Hall B featured dealer stalls full of anime memorabilia, from DBZ action figures, to Pokémon cards. I found myself drawn to a stall that was selling Norse jewellery and ended up buying a beautifully crafted Odin brooch. Across the road in the Pub Zoo was Hall C. This featured special anime talks and discussions.

red hood4

Dressing up as Red Hood was an awesome experience. I dressed as Arkham Knight version of the character. The costume was a red, black and white jacket and red bat painted on the chest. This was completed with black military pants and a red helmet. It was interesting to have people come up to me and ask for a picture. One of the highlights was meeting a guy who was dressed as Arkham Knight and we shared a back to back photo.

red hood1

Other highlights included watching the trio of Megan Valentine, Julia Mascetti and Tomas Eduardo singing classic anime songs on stage. Then, it was time for Jollyboat Live, a comedy duo who sing comedic pirate songs. They also held a live action RPG quest where the crowd made their own story based on a specific scenario. The story came down to being a horror writer investigating a haunted house that was full of creepy stuffed animals.

The food was a treat as well. I sampled ramen pulled pork broth for the first time and found it was delicious.

Manchester Anime & Gaming Con was an amazing event and one that I’d recommend for anyone to attend in future. The next event I’ll be going to is Manchester Comic Con in the summer. So, be sure to check back for my review.


Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer from Manchester, England. I run the pop culture website The Comic Vault and history website The Culture Tome.

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