Two Poems Published by EastLit Magazine

I’m happy to say two of my poems, Sky Lantern and Sakura, have appeared in the 50th volume of EastLit Magazine. The online journal focuses on Asian inspired literature and covers East and South East Asia. The journal is full of talented writers and is certainly worth a read.

I’ve always been fascinated with Asian history, particularly Japan. It inspired me to come up with two poems. Sky Lantern takes the image of a Chinese sky lantern and letting go of all your worries. It features themes of anxiety, hope, loss and happiness. The image is important to me because it helped to channel some of my recent anxieties and cast them off in the form of poetry.

Sakura represents a Japanese cherry blossom tree. The cherry blossoms can be associated with lost love and I wanted to capture a similar theme of hope. Cherry blossoms can also represent the fleeting beauty of life.

I’m very proud to have my poetry acknowledged in EastLit and would encourage anyone who is interested in Asian literature to check it out. The volume also contains short stories and other poetry. One of my favourites is called Moonlight Leaves by Victoria Crawford.

You can read Sky Lantern and Sakura here.


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