Being A Mum And Kicking Ass With Susan Storm

Of the many characters in the Marvel Universe, there are few who are as enduring as The Fantastic Four. Out of the four members, The Invisible Woman stands out the most. Susan Storm is able to become invisible as well as create powerful force fields for a variety of effects. But she’s more than a superhero. She’s a loving wife, a fierce mother and the glue that keeps The Fantastic Four together.

Sue was the first female super hero created during the Silver Age of Comics and was initially presented as a damsel in distress. However, she became more confident over time and became a premiere hero in the Marvel Universe. She acts as the team’s second in command and is recognised as the most formidable member of the Fantastic Four.


Her force field powers are versatile, as she’s able to form invisible constructs. The fields can be used as ramps, platforms, battering rams and offensive projectiles. Sue’s also capable of exploding an object by expanding a field inside of it. Her powers are so great that she is one of the few people who can rupture the shell of a Celestial. Sue’s only limit to her ability is concentration, as she can manipulate multiple force fields at the same time. In addition to her powers, Sue is a capable hand to hand combatant and exceptional leader.

One of Sue’s strongest traits is her compassion. Her role as a wife is important, but it doesn’t stop her from making her own decisions and doing what she believes is right. An example of this is during the first Civil War when she defects to Captain America’s side when a clone of Thor ends up killing the superhero known as Bill Foster. The clone was built by Iron Man and Mister Fantastic. This shows she isn’t afraid to challenge Reed when he’s in the wrong.


Sue’s status as a mother is part of her character because it shows another facet of her personality. She’s very protective of her children Franklin and Valeria. However, she recognises their intelligence and encourages them to live up to their potential.

The Invisible Woman personifies a strong woman who isn’t defined by her role as a wife and mother. She’s saved the world multiple times and is the heart and soul of The Fantastic Four.


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