How Ravager Forged Her Own Path

“Whatever people want to think of me, they can go ahead and think it. Deathstroke’s daughter. Teen Titan. Hero. Villain. Loyal. Brave. Crazy. Conniving. Broken. What matters is the choices I make and whether or not I can live with them.”

With well known characters like Batman and Superman, it’s fair to assume they will have a fair share of legacy characters surrounding them. Bruce has his Robins and Clark has Supergirl and Superboy. But what about a villain like Deathstroke? Slade Wilson has a reputation for being the greatest assassin in the DC Universe. But his children are very different. Rose Wilson, AKA Ravager, chose to be a hero and here is why she’s an awesome character.

Rose’s mother was a Cambodian woman named Lilian Worth, who Slade was tasked with escorting out of Cambodia. Rose met her father 14 years later when her uncle, the original Ravager, kidnaps her and tells her of her parentage. Deathstroke turns her away out of fear for her safety and leaves her in the care of the Teen Titans.

Eventually, Rose was adopted by a family in Chicago, until Ravager killed them. Deathstroke reunites with her and offers to make her his apprentice. Rose becomes the new Ravager and Slade injected her with the serum that gave him his abilities. This causes her to develop psychosis and she gouges out her eye to prove her loyalty to her father.


Nightwing trained her after Deathstroke is convinced he’d given up on being a hero. Deathstroke replaced her missing eye with Kryptonite and pitted Ravager and Nightwing against Superman. When Rose realised how much Slade has endangered her life, she broke ties with him and reunited with the Teen Titans.

Ravager’s tenacity is one of her definining traits. Like her father, she has enhanced reflexes, strength and stamina. She also possesses a precognitive sense that lets her see the immediate future. This allows her to see oncoming attacks and react in time.

Rose is an example of someone who walked her own path. She stepped out from the shadow of her father and learned how to be a hero.



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