The Pop Culture Playlist: Magneto

The Pop Culture Playlist is a segment which focuses on a character and features a list of 10 tracks that describes who they are. The comic world is filled with heroes and villains and people who’re in between. Magneto is a perfect example of the middle ground. The Master Of Magnetism is one of the most complex characters in literature, and I’ve come up with a playlist that represents his tragic story and mission for mutantkind.

World So Cold by 12 Stones

It starts with pain
Followed by hate
Fueled by the endless questions no one can answer
A stain covers your heart, and tears you apart
Just like a sleeping cantor
I don’t believe men are born to be killers
I don’t believe the world can’t be saved
How did you get here and when did it start
An innocent child with a thorn in his heart

Magneto’s background as a Holocaust survivor has shaped his world view. World So Cold is a song that describes him in the concentration camps, being forced to suffer until he couldn’t stand it anymore. In many ways, Magneto is still the scared and angry boy who was ‘born’ in the camps and holds onto the anger because he believes it makes him strong.


Iron by Woodkid

A soldier on my own, I don’t know the way
I’m riding up the heights of shame
I’m waiting for the call, the hand on the chest
I’m ready for the fight and fate
The sound of iron shots is stuck in my head,
The thunder of the drums dictates
The rhythm of the falls the number of deaths
The rising of the heights ahead

This song describes Magneto’s mission. He believes he’s a soldier fighting in a war for the betterment of mutants.

Never Again by Disturbed

A generation that was persecuted endlessly
Exterminated by the Nazi war machine
We will remember, let the story be told
To realize how we lost our humanity
You dare to tell me that there never was a Holocaust
You think that history will leave the memory lost
Another Hitler using fear to control
You’re gonna fail this time for the world to see
All that I have left inside
Is a soul that’s filled with pride
I tell you Never Again
Their depraved society
Didn’t end up killing me
Scream with me Never Again
Not again

Never Again is the perfect song for talking about Magneto’s past experiences. It’s about him fighting back against the people he believes are his oppressors. Ironically, he applies the same principles of the Nazis against humanity.


In The End by Linkin Park

I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter
I had to fall
To lose it all
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter

In The End can be used for describing Magneto’s process of being unable to fulfill his dream. He wants to make the world better for mutants, but his plans are continually thwarted.

Seven Nation Army by The White Stripes

I’m gonna fight ’em all
A seven nation army couldn’t hold me back
They’re gonna rip it off
Taking their time right behind my back

Magneto is a one man army, able to destroy entire cities with ease. The song also ties into how he’s stuck in the same pattern. No matter how many times he repents or shifts his goals to be more peaceful, Magneto will inevitably revert to his old ways.


Shepherd Of Fire by Avenged Sevenfold

Well I can promise you paradise
No need to serve on your knees
And when you’re lost in the darkest of hours
Take a moment and tell me who you see
Won’t tell you who not to be
Now you know I am your pride,
Agent of wealth,
Bearer of needs. (And you know it’s right)
I am your war
Arming the strong
Aiding the weak
Know me by name
Shepherd of fire

Shepherd Of Fire presents Magneto as the saviour of mutants. He wants to lead them to a promised land, even if it means walking through fire. He created Genosha to be that paradise, until it was destroyed in a Sentinel attack. There is also an arrogant quality to the song that fits in with his ego.

St. Anger by Metallica

Saint Anger ’round my neck
Saint Anger ’round my neck
He never gets respect
Saint Anger ’round my neck

Magneto is rage in its purest form. He’s the wound that’s never healed and the scab that’ll continue to bleed. The song speaks to the monstrous side of his personality, where he becomes a force of nature.

Wrong Side Of Heaven by Five Finger Death Punch

Arms wide open
I stand alone
I’m no hero and I’m not made of stone
Right or wrong
I can hardly tell
I’m on the wrong side of heaven and the righteous side of hell

I think of the duality of Magneto when I hear this song. Even though his fight for mutants can be considered noble, his methods will always be perceived as villainous.

Golden by Fallout Boy

And I saw God cry in the reflection of my enemies
And all the lovers with no time for me
And all of the mothers raise their babies
To stay away from me

This makes me think of Magneto’s relationship to his children. Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver may no longer be considered his biological children in current Marvel continuity, but he’s sacrificed everything and has become estranged from them. The same can be applied to Polaris, who is considered his biological daughter.


Blood Hands by Royal Blood

Took a lonely feeling just to let them in and sing
Like the sun goes down, never close to heaven
Felt my feet were burning from the cigarette on the ground
There’s blood on my hands, there’s blood on my hands
Yeah, there’s blood

Magneto believes killing is necessary to achieve his goals and Blood Hands is a great track for describing his methods.

What songs do you think describe Magneto best? Be sure to check back soon for the next edition of The Pop Culture Playlist that will feature Wolverine in my upcoming Wolverine Week section.

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