Through Hellfire And Brimstone With Daimon Hellstrom

As a comic fan I think it’s important to help others discover characters and stories they’ve never heard of. So, I’m putting Daimon Hellstrom in the spotlight. Hellstrom, also known as The Son Of Satan and Hellstorm, is the son of a demon called Marduk Kurios, who claimed to be the biblical Lucifer. Daimon and his sister Satana trained in dark magic, with Daimon choosing to renounce his infernal heritage. He dedicated his life to fighting monsters and demons.

Daimon became a member of The Defenders and married Patsy Walker, also known as Hellcat. Their marriage was tumultuous, with Daimon giving into his demonic side and Patsy commiting suicide. She was brought back to life later, but their relationship has never been the same.


Hellstrom has a vast knowledge of the supernatural and is able to generate soulfire. The fire causes excrutiating pain by direct contact with a person’s life force. He channels it through his netharanium trident. In additition to his knowledge of the occult, Daimon is a ruler of his own Hell dimension, where he’s capable of being all powerful. He took over his father’s realm after besting him in combat. This makes him very formidable, as he’s been able to defeat Dormammu more than once.

The interesting thing about Daimon is that he’s always struggled with his demonic nature. Although he’s considered a hero, he’s acted selfishly in the past. An example of this is when he traps Patsy in Hell to try and force her to be with him again. He’s sarcastic and abrasive, yet has an appreciation for humanity. He’s helped to stop an interdimensional zombie threat and battled against the forces of Heaven and Hell for years.


Daimon is one of the most underrated characters in the Marvel Universe. His magical talents are on a par with Doctor Strange and he has been considered for the title of Sorcerer Supreme. I would enjoy seeing him appear in a future Doctor Strange film as a supporting character.

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