Sons Of Anarchy: Volume 3 Review

“That’s the life, man. Always going to be problems. There’s always going to be a new club trying to rise up, trying to take us down. Trying to be top dog. But we’re family…we stick together.”

Sons Of Anarchy is a show that left behind a hell of a legacy, and I’m continuing to explore it by reviewing the comic collections. Sons Of Anarchy: Volume 3, written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Damian Couceiro, involves a new MC called The Slaughter riding into Tuscon to take over the meth trade. SAMTAZ and SAMCRO comes up against them, threatening to start a war that Jax has to resolve no matter the cost.

The story begins with Cid, the president of The Slaughter meeting with the president of The Screaming Dead MC called Keats. The Slaughter patch The Screaming Dead over and Cid meets with the new president of SAMTAZ, Franco. Cid tries to convince SAMTAZ to work with The Slaughter to push meth into Tuscon. Franco rebuffs him violently.


Meanwhile, SAMCRO have arrived to celebrate Franco’s birthday and he wants Jax’s help to deal with The Slaughter. Jax wants to take it slow while Franco wants immediate retaliation. The Slaughter use inside information to shut down SAMTAZ’s weed operation and gain the advantage.

A former member of The Screaming Dead seeks Jax and the others out to tell them what went down. Franco doesn’t want to hear it and storms off. He goes to Cid and tells him he wants in on the meth trade.

This turns out to be a plan set in motion by Jax to sabotage The Slaughter’s drug operations. The war culminates outside a cook house, with Cid brought to his knees and the father of a drug addict shooting him in the head.


This was my favourite volume yet, with Jax taking on a prominent role to deal with a problem outside of Charming. It was interesting to see the inner workings of different MCs, with Cid proving to be a formidable antagonist.

Brisson’s grasp of the characters continues to be impressive. He presents Jax as level-headed and smart, but capable of swift violence when necessary. Couceiro’s art is even better than previous volumes, with colour popping on every page.

Sons Of Anarchy Volume: 3 can be purchased from Amazon.


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