Ladies Of Market Street Review

When I get people asking me to review their work it makes me feel what I’m doing is having a positive effect. With that in mind, I’ll be reviewing my first indie comic, sent to me by River Rock Comics, called Ladies Of Market Street. The story involves a woman named Veronica Baldwin who is searching for her missing friend An. She’ll stop at nothing to get her back and here is my honest review of the comic.

As I started reading the comic, I found myself enjoying the mature themes. Veronica and her friends are working girls, but they aren’t presented in a cliched way. They’re presented as people with real emotions and their bond is shown throughout the comic. The first scene is of Veronica being tied up in a basement, where she manages to disarm and beat up a thug with the help of her friends.

The story moves to three days in the past, where Veronica has set up a party to help raise money for her friend Doc. After the party is finished, she discovers her other friend An has been kidnapped and she sets out to look for her.

Later, Veronica disguises herself as a man to infiltrate a sex slave ring in the hopes of finding An. She is ambushed by a thug, and the story comes full circle as to how she ended up in the basement at the start.

I found Veronica to be an entertaining protagonist. She’s gutsy, smart and isn’t afraid to kick ass. What I would’ve liked to see more of is her background and how she found herself on the streets. There feels like a few missing pieces, but as an introductory issue it’s satisfying enough to make you want to find out what’s going to happen next.

The art has a unique style, with a gritty, shadowy style that plays to the strength of not using any colour. Some character expressions looked out of place, but it’s only a small gripe.

Ladies Of Market Street is an enjoyable, gritty comic which features a strong female lead. It’s available now on Amazon.

For anyone interested in me reviewing their comics, feel free to get in touch via the contact page.


Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer from Manchester, England. I run the pop culture website The Comic Vault and history website The Culture Tome.

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