Noh-Varr And The Alien Among Us Trope

Marvel has a number of characters with unusual powers, and one of them is Noh-Varr, known as Marvel Boy. Introduced in 2000 by Grant Morrison, Noh-Varr is a Kree from an alternate dimension who became stranded on Earth 616. He became an anti-hero who declared war on Earth until he learned about the legacy of Captain Marvel. With a varied power set, Noh-Varr is interesting to read about.

Noh-Varr is enhanced with insect DNA, making him ‘triple-jointed’ and able to contort his body, as well as scale walls similar to Spider-Man. His saliva contains biologically active properties that cause hallucinations and mind control in victims. He’s able to grow his fingernails into crystalline spikes that can be used as explosives.


His most impressive power is the ‘White Run,’ a state of mind where Noh-Varr re-routes his neurological impulses to block out physical pain and stimulus. He used this ability during a run in with the Young Avengers and was able to defeat Xavin, Karolina Dean, Wiccan and Hulking in five seconds. He also has access to advanced Kree technology, such as a ‘pocket battlefield’ that simulates unique battle environments.

Noh took on the role of Captain Marvel in Norman Osborn’s Dark Avengers. When he realised he was among villains, Noh left. He was eventually given a pair of Nega-Bands by the Kree Supreme Intelligence and became The Protector. He joined The Avengers and built a time machine so they could save the future.

During Avengers vs X-Men, Noh betrays The Avengers by bringing a portion of the Phoenix force to the Kree. He realises his mistake but is cast out by the team and branded as an enemy of his own people.

His most recent appearance was in Young Avengers, written by Keiron Gillen. Noh is shown to be fascinated by Earth culture, including pop, rock and country music. He briefly grows a beard similar to Kenny Rogers. His favourite song is Be My Baby by The Ronettes.


Noh-Varr is an intriguing character because he personifies the classic alien among us trope.


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3 thoughts on “Noh-Varr And The Alien Among Us Trope”

  1. Awesome post! Another comic character that I have never heard of until now. It seems as if Noh-Varr was just confused in a few of the scenarios that he was placed in. It can happen when you are new to planet I suppose lol.

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