Sons Of Anarchy: Volume 2 Review

Today, I’m reviewing Sons of Anarchy: Volume 2, written by Ed Brisson and drawn by Jesus Hervas. I love the show and I’ve enjoyed seeing the stories that are woven in and out of the series. SOA has themes of brotherhood, violence, loyalty and family. This is shown in the graphic novel adapations as well. Volume 2 is set between the third and fourth seasons, where the Sons have been sent to Stockton prison to serve a thirteen month sentence for gun running.

The story picks up with Jax, Clay, Bobby, Juice, Tig and Happy being given their prison clothes and told to keep their heads down. Back in Charming, Gemma Teller and Tara Knowles are looking after Jax’s son, Abel. Tara is also pregnant, and the reader is shown a glimpse of how strong women can be when they have to look out for their family.

The scene cuts back to Stockton, with a Russian gangster picking a fight with Jax. The conflict comes from the Sons screwing the Russian mob over in season 3, after using them to get at Jimmy O, a member of the IRA. The head of the mob, Putlova, breaks into Gemma’s house and threatens her, demanding SAMCRO pay him what is owed.


The violence escalates when Jax is stabbed in prison and left for dead. He survives and SAMCRO broker a deal with the Russians to give them the majority of the gun business until Jax and the others get out of jail.

A year later, SAMCRO has gathered for Opie’s wedding, which is a sequence out of season 4. Putlova has been invited and Clay suggests they use the cover of the wedding to try out some new guns. This turns out to be a ruse as the Sons get their revenge on the Russians. Jax stabs Putlova to death, while the Russians in Stockton are killed too.

Hervas’ art is impressive, with a dark colour palette used to show the harshness of prison life. Brisson continues to highlight each member’s personalities, from Clay’s brutal pragmatism, to Jax’s love for Tara and their boys.

I preferred the first volume, simply because it told an original story. Volume 2 is about filling in the blanks between seasons. If you enjoy anti-heroes and want to learn more about MC culture, then Volume 2 is an entertaining graphic novel nonetheless.

Sons Of Anarchy: Volume 2 is available now.


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