200 Followers And A Cosplay Preview

This week I hit 200 followers and I wanted to thank everyone for their continued support. Blogging has become a helpful creative outlet, and all of your comments and likes have encouraged me to continue. I wanted to do something special for this milestone by giving you all a sneak peak at the cosplay outfit I’m going to be wearing at conventions later in the year.


Last summer I attended my first Comic Con in Manchester, and I was intrigued by all the costumes I saw. It inspired me to cosplay for the first time this year, and I’m going to be dressing up as Red Hood. This interpretation is the Arkham Knight version, with the white and black jacket and red Bat symbol on the back. I’ve included a helmet, vest and black gloves.

I bought the costume from Amazon, with the jacket and vest coming together, and the helmet being seperate. What I love about the jacket is that I can wear it as a regular piece of clothing. It’s ideal for cold weather and has a lot of pockets. I’m still debating on whether to get a pair of military style trousers and a domino mask to complete the cosplay. The beauty of the Red Hood aesthetic is there’s a lot of variations to try.


I’ll be cosplaying at this year’s Manchester Anime Con and Comic Con. It’ll be a big step for me to dress up in public, but I’m really looking forward to it. Being able to portray my favourite character is one of my goals in 2017 because it’ll help to increase my confidence. I’ll be writing about my experiences of both events later in the year so make sure to look out for them.

Thank you again to everyone who’s followed me!


Author: thecomicvault

Short story writer, comic geek and cosplayer hailing from Manchester, England. Find my pop culture ramblings on The Comic Vault.

18 thoughts on “200 Followers And A Cosplay Preview”

  1. Wow it looks awesome and congratulations on the 200 followers! The comic vault is a favorite blog of mines so I look forward to your future posts. I too will be cosplaying this year at C2E2 in Chicago in April. I am thinking of going as Kasumi from Dead or Alive or Lana Kane from Archer. I’m really excited about it.

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  2. Well done on your 200 followers 🙂 My granddaughter and son in law are very big on Cosplay, Comic Con and Supernova. They have multiple costumes – most of which John has made.


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