Why Nova Is An Integral Part Of Guardians Of The Galaxy

With Guardians of the Galaxy Vol: 2 coming out later this year, it’s created a fresh opportunity to open up a whole new corner of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. With the opportunity comes the chance to see many obscure characters from the franchise make it on to the big screen. As impressive as the film looks there’s one character that’s missing and should be mentioned for his importance. Richard Rider also known as Nova, is considered the most recognized member of the Nova Corps. He was absent from the first Guardians despite the Nova Corps playing a large role in the plot. As there is a large fan base for Rider it’s my hope that he’ll appear in future installments.

df0f7fc7058811d1a938c181af56d4a4Richard Rider was created in 1966 by Marv Wolfman and Len Wein and debuted in 1976 within his own ongoing series. Rider was selected by the last surviving member of the planet Xandar Rhomann Dey to replace him as he lay dying. Nova was eventually called away from Earth to deal with a threat to the galaxy from Annihilus and his troops from the Negative Zone. The Nova Corps were decimated and Rider was the only survivor. He took on the full power of the Corps and had to shoulder the weight of it.

With this new found motivation, Rider earned premiere character status within the Annihilation mini series. He was able to defeat Annihilus with his friends and returned to Earth during the first superhero civil war. This was where Nova became defined as someone who looks at the bigger picture. He was shocked by the squabbling between his fellow heroes, when he’d saved the galaxy from certain destruction. Rider is much more of a hero than anyone gave him credit for.

His next major appearance came in The Thanos Imperative where he fought alongside Starlord and Drax to trap Thanos in a place called the Cancerverse. Rider has come back to life in the new Nova series, and he’s still learning about why he’s been resurrected.e85a05d018576ef4ad8adc29b0f22db8

Richard Rider is the epitome of the everyman thrust into a role of massive responsibility. He’s the small town worker who stands up for the little guy no matter what. In him we can identify a piece of ourselves. Let’s hope he shows up in a future Guardians film.


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