Chris Evans Pranks Fans With Captain America Doll

It’s always great to see celebrities doing their part for charity, and this was the case with Captain America actor, Chris Evans. He teamed up with Omaze to turn a comic book store into an escape room in Boston, Massachusetts. Evans was raising money for Christopher’s Haven, a charity dedicated to providing living areas for families of children being treated for cancer in Boston hospitals.

Omaze turned Comicaze into an escape room and Evans spoke to strangers through a Captain America doll. The aim of the game was to complete a series of objectives, which included finding a four digit code, dressing up in masks and finding a hidden Hydra operative on the streets of Boston.

The reactions from the unknowing participants are hilarious, with them not knowing how to act at first. When trying to locate the four digit code it took them a while to spot the giant poster on the wall. They dressed up in masks and started asking random people if they were a part of Hydra. Evans urged them to scream ‘Heil Hydra!’ to uncover the agent.

Once they found the Hydra emblem, the participants uncovered a secret door that took them down into the basement. The lights went off and Evans was waiting for them and jumped out of the darkness.

There’s the opportunity to meet Evans and join him in an escape room. As part of the experience, you and three friends will be flown out and put in a 4-star hotel and you’ll be able to celebrate your escape (or soothe your sorrows) over burgers and beer. All you have to do is donate money here until Feburary 3rd.

Other donation prizes include an ‘Escape with Chris Evans’ t-shirt, a signed copy of Captain America: Civil War and a signed Captain America poster.


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6 thoughts on “Chris Evans Pranks Fans With Captain America Doll”

  1. It’s always nice when celebrities do this. Matt Damon did something similar for people to win tickets to his movie with giving people tasks on a mobile phone.

    I liked when Chris Evan said “take me with you”. As they were leaving the doll behind.

    Hope they raise enough money to help those families who deserve it.

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