Touching Down On Forbidden Planet In Manchester

Manchester is known for having the world’s most famous football team, but it’s not what I think of when I think of my home. For any comic fan who’s thinking of visiting the city then you’ll want to check out Forbidden Planet in The Northern Quarter. It has two floors of pop culture goodness that will keep you occupied for hours.

oOpen the door and the first thing you’ll notice are the large cases in the corner, filled with statues of well known characters. Some are small, some are life-sized, all are detailed. Turn your head to the row of books filling the first aisle, alongside prints and posters that are waiting to be hung on your wall. Sci-fi, fantasy, mystery and thriller all have their place in this nerdy wonderland.

Explore a little more and find the other aisles stacked with action figures from all the best franchises and games. There’s clone troopers and jedis, assassins, Jon Snows, Chibi bobble heads and more.

After you’ve raided the first floor, head downstairs to find a comic vault. (To which this blog takes inspiration from) There’s comics and graphic novels as far as the eye can see. Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, Vertigo, Image and Valiant can all be found side by side. From the newest releases to classic stories, you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for.f

Towards the back you’ll see anime novels, puzzles and figurines. Browse the rack filled with comic shirts, ranging from Batman to Adventure Time. Odds are the staff will be even geekier than you are and will be happy to chat about their favourite comics and give recommendations.

Forbidden Planet is a place for people of all ages, which is the best way to describe comics as a whole. If you’re ever in Manchester then make it one of your first stops.


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17 thoughts on “Touching Down On Forbidden Planet In Manchester”

  1. I’ve been to Forbidden Planet a few times in London. It’s a huge store indeed filled with all sorts of comics and graphic novels. I remember picking up a few Spider-Man and Batman graphic books and some strange small issues about a living dead corpse called Lenore. Yes I have odd taste.

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  2. Hi, how long has this branch been open in Manchester? !
    Was student @ Uni of Mnchstr between 1997-2000, and wld have LOVED to have hung out there as an excuse not to write essays…
    I am well acquainted w th London branch and thot it was th only FP left in th UK!
    Thanks for Following

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  3. This brought back memories – not because I’ve been there, but because many moons ago I worked at Forbidden Planet in New York City. I was never much of a city girl (I’m still not), but I found myself living in Brooklyn, had some acquaintances but few friends, and FP became my home away from home, my go-to place every Saturday. When I eventually left there, I transferred my affections to Spa City Comics in Saratoga Springs, NY under the auspices of its original owner, Brian Weinshenker. Good times well remembered.

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